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About us

We are a sales-manufacturing company focused on the development and sale of aluminum profiles for LED lighting. Our current offer contains 32 custom profiles and new types are under development.

Functionality and design

Aluminum profile primarily function is to dissipate heat. It's one of its excellent properties, hence prolonging the life of LED strips and LEDs color stability. Our ALU profiles are anodized and therefore suitable for use with LED strips and electrical components, ensuring protection against short circuits.

All our profiles are characterized by their manufacturing quality and design to complete the space in which they are used. We place high emphasis on the process quality and aesthetic appearance. As a one of few manufacturers, most of out profiles are anodized in three color options - silver, bronze, black. In special cases some profiles can be painted with powder-paint where customer can choose from broad RAL color possibilities.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and widest range of aluminum profiles for LED light products. Our profiles are manufactured in Slovakia using extrusion technology. Using alloy AW 6060 (EN 573-3) with mechanical properties T66 (EN 755-2). For measurement of cross-sectional shape characteristics we use standard EN 755-9. We achieve tensile strength Rm min. 215MPa. This alloy is treated by anodic oxidation, and the layer thickness reaches 15-20 microns.